Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Talent Build

My build is focused on maximizing my dps and mana regen. I will try to explain the points I took up and why.


Tier 1

Starlight Wrath - reduces the cast time of your Wrath and Starfire spells by 0.5 sec
* Every fraction of a second it takes for you to cast is a fraction of a second that the mob stays alive

Nature's Grasp - while active, any time an enemy strikes the caster they have a 35% chance to become afflicted by Entangling Roots.
* This is pretty much a pvp talent

Improved Nature's Grasp - increases the chance for your Nature's Grasp to entangle an enemy by x%
* Better chance to entangle somebody every 1 min = waste of points

Tier 2

Control of Nature - gives you a 100% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting Entangling Roots and Cyclone
* A very useful talent when grinding as you can easily root a mob and move back.

Focused Starlight - increases the crit chance of Wrath and Starfire by 4%
* More crit = more damage

Improved Moonfire - increases the damage and crit chance of Moonfire by 10%
* Even if moonfire is mana inefficient, it's going to be part of your spell rotation. And it's very useful in pvp

Tier 3

Brambles - increase damage done by Thorns and Entangling Roots by x%
* Waste of talent points imo, thorns is a buff for the tank primarily, entangling roots isn't usable indoors and mobs break out of it after 1 or 2 ticks anyway

Insect Swarm - spell that decreases chance to hit by 2% and does 792 damage over 12 seconds
* This should always be up on the target as it's a very mana efficient spell and does a good amount of damage.

Nature's Reach - increases the range of balance spells by 20%
* Being able to stand farther is a good thing

Tier 4

Vengeance - increases crit damage bonus of spells by 100%
* More damage is always better

Celestial Focus - gives Starfire a 15% chance to stun target for 3 secs, avoid spell interruption of Wrath by 70%
* I wouldn't put any points in this. In an instance or raid, you shouldn't be getting hit by melee at all, if you are, cyclone and run back to your tank. When grinding, you should be using entangling roots to get away.

Tier 5

Lunar Guidance - increases spell damage and healing by 25% of total intellect
* Every bit of +spell damage helps

Nature's Grace - all spells that crit reduces your next cast time by 0.5 sec
* This is a double edge sword, it produces the most dps from chain critting, you can get around 6-7k damage in 3 secs (Wraths) or 9-11k damage in 7.5 secs (Starfire), but it would also draw so much threat and you're in danger of pulling aggro.

Moonglow - reduce mana costs of spells by 9%
* Our spells are not mana efficient, this would help us out a little bit

Tier 6

Moonfury - increase damage done by Starfire, Moonfire, Wrath by 10%
* More damage

Balance of Power - increases spell hit by 4%
* Every spell that gets resisted is mana wasted, you should get this

Tier 7

Dreamstate - regen mana equal to 10% of intellect every 5 sec.
* Every boomkin should have this if you dont want to be an oomkin.

Moonkin Form - increases armor by 400%, gives 5% spell crit party buff
* Owl dance. nuff said :)

Improved Faerie Fire - faerie fire spell increases chance to hit on target by 3%
* This is only useful if majority of your group is melee, since you are a caster this doesn't give you any benefit. And most if not all classes have a talent to increase hit %, and everyone should have gear that increases hit % anyway.

Tier 8

Wrath of Cenarius - Starfire get 20% and Wrath gets 10% more spell damage
* Again, every bit of spell damage helps your total dps

Tier 9

Force of Nature - summons 3 treants to attack the target for 30 sec
* These are very useful on bosses that don't have aoe. They die easily, but if they survive the full 30 secs. they do a lot of damage


Tier 1

Improved Mark of the Wild - increases the effect of Mark of the Wild by 35%
* More stats is always better. And we're not going feral so Furor is basically useless

Tier 2

Naturalist - reduces cast time of Healing Touch by 0.5 sec
* You can skip this & go to Shapeshifter or Nature's Focus, only reason I took this is I like to be able to off-heal or main-heal on some fights and that 0.5 sec can prevent a dead tank

Tier 3

Intensity - allows 15% of mana regen to continue while casting
* As stated earlier, my build is focused on not being oom in a 7-8 min. fight. I have a good mix of +spell, INT, SPI to keep my damage and mana balanced. I use 2-3 mana pots depending on the fight & save my innervate for healers.

Subtlety - reduces threat generated by spells by 16% (4/5)
* You can have 0 points & never pull from a good tank or 5 points and always pull from a bad tank. You can have more or less depending on your tank, a good minimum is 3 points.