Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What goes thru someone's head when they try looking for people to fill a group? I'm currently leveling a prot pally and have to re-experience horrible PUGs. I still try to keep the group organized even if it's a pug, I mark the kill order & cc. But time and time again, you encounter people who just won't listen and act like they're soloing the instance. I've even had people argue over the greed/need/pass rules.

Some of my recent experiences:
I was in a group that picked up 2 healers and they were blaming everyone for the bad dps or lack of (didn't go too well, group broke up before the first boss). Also, I asked the other pally to put Salv on everyone while I did Might/Wisdom to which he replied "why should I put salv on everyone, I'm healing". I didn't even bother responding.

Just recently, I was doing my quests when this 62 priest whispered me to tank for UB. I accepted, then afterwards he decided to invite his epic'd out 70 hunter and 70 rogue friends from his guild. At this point I was only lvl 66. Basically, all the pulls went like, hunter pulling & misdirecting on his pet while I just stood there watching & trying to get some kind of threat. Even the bosses were done the same way. At one point we got 5 mobs, the healer decided to heal the hunter's pet & keep it alive instead of me. What's the point of inviting a tank when you're not even going to use the tank?

Warlock update:
Last Friday, 2 Groups went to Kara, both groups had the Curator Staff drop. Guess what, I was on my other toon, so our GM took it for his hunter =)
I went with my usual Saturday group and as expected, it didn't drop because no one else needed it except me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How Unlucky Can You Be?

I've been playing my warlock a lot recently and running Karazhan week after week trying to gear up my toon. I have a regular Saturday group that does full clear of Kara, and after more than 2 months, the Staff of Infinite Mysteries dropped a total of 5 times, and all 5 times I lost the roll to 3 mages, spriest, and warlock, the most recent lost was just last Saturday. The Nathrezim Mindblade dropped only once and I lost that one too. And there was also one time that I went with a weekday group instead, and guess what, it dropped again for the Saturday group and nobody wanted it and got sharded.

Now you'd think that after running it so many times and with so many others winning it before me, that there will be a week where I will eventually get it without anybody trying to roll against me, but the problem is everytime somebody wins it, they just disappear and another alt steps in and now I have to roll against the new alt.

I'm just tired of going in week after week providing one of the highest dps, while some alts just shows up to get a free ride & win the loot off people that actually do the work. I understand that they are alts, and I myself don't have any enchants on blues, but if they don't even bother to put 2g gems to socket their gear, they shouldn't even be invited to the group. If you're doing only 50-60% of the #4 in dps, I think it's obvious that you're not geared enough and you should do pvp or heroics first.

I have to stress out that the people that I've been grouping with are ALTS, they've been there, done that and I expect more from them. I don't have anything against undergeared MAINS, and would gladly pass up loot for them.

After more than 2 months, I've won only 4 pieces of gear from Kara, everything else is from doing pvp or heroics.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ninja Alert

This fucker joined us in the middle of our ZF run. After a couple of trash pulls, the mace drops and he ninjas it & like the coward that he is, leaves party & signs off. Don't group with this hunter if you're on the Drenden server.