Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ninja Alert

This fucker joined us in the middle of our ZF run. After a couple of trash pulls, the mace drops and he ninjas it & like the coward that he is, leaves party & signs off. Don't group with this hunter if you're on the Drenden server.


Anonymous said...

uh oh.
My guild master just sent me a link
xanthor is in my guild O.O
well thanks for letting us know he ninja's and will probably take care of it THANK YOU!

Stephi said...

Yea, I saw the GM of Asshat Ninja's guild online, so we kindly pointed out he had a booboo in the guild.


I hate asshats.

~<3 Cay

Xian said...

Bastage.. i say we chase him off the server :)
Too close a name to my alts

graypanther said...

For a sec there i though it was you Xian... but i know your better then that :)


SportChick said...

We've got a well-known ninja on Runetotem too - well, two actually and they tend to group together: Alandruis and Drukonus. Avoid them at all costs.

Anonymous said...

He's a hunter?

Why did a hunter ninja a mace? Hunters can't even use maces.

Way to ruin your server rep over an item you can't even use.

What a tool.