Tuesday, September 11, 2007

25-Man Support Healing?

This is an honest question as I've never had a chance to be a resto druid for a 25-man raid.

I'm aware that normally you can refresh lifeblooms on 3 tanks, 4 tanks is also possible but the risk of having lag or mistiming a lifebloom can be a big problem.

By constantly refreshing the hots, that would leave me with only a 4 sec window to play with and I will never be out of the 5SR. Taking these things into consideration, I would like to know the following:

1. How long does the High King Mulgar fight usually take?
2. The usual question of Spi vs mp5
3. Do you use rejuv with your cycle, if so, do you cast it on 1 tank per cycle

Sweet Revenge

Last night's goal was just one boss.. Prince.

Each try ended the same, we got one bad infernal drop after another. At one point we even got him down to around 10k hp, stuff like these would just make you want to break your keyboard in half. I'm glad that everyone shares the same hatred for this boss that we've decided that he will die that night even if it meant clearing respawns.

Thankfully, we didn't have to clear respawns. After countless wipes, elixirs, food buffs, wizard oils, mana pots, our OT Brigin volunteered to step out for another dps class. And officers made sure that his spot didn't go to waste and picked up Doom. Without trying to make Doom's head bigger, his dps was just what we needed to bring down Prince faster and was able to one shot him.

It's been too long since we last killed Prince, to be able to kill him again after so many tries, we couldn't help not to spit and curse on his lifeless body. I'm hoping we get a balanced group again this week as we attempt to kill Netherspite and get a full 13/13 clear of Karazhan.

/begin rant
Is it just my bad luck or am I just grouped with casters that also want what I want? For example last night, Prince dropped the following:
Malchazeen - only 1 rogue in group so he got to bid minimum on it.
Helm of the Fallen Hero - no warlocks, mage already has it, hunter bids minimum
Ruby Drape of the Mysticant - something I want and I had to fight for it

I don't think I've ever won a caster drop where I had to bid just the minimum, except for healing leather. Then once I already have something and it drops again, somebody new would just bid minimum for it, what's annoying is it's usually not even the person I was trying to outbid before.
/end rant

Monday, September 10, 2007

Karazhan Bug

It was a very interesting run we had last night. A mix of annoyance, frustration and fun.

It started with the raid leader doing a ready check and everyone checked ready. First pull, one mob, tank takes a hit, tank dies, squeakie priestie starts yelling in vent :P, Fiord dies, I die, mob is still running around trying to pick us off one by one, then Brigin picks it up, dps resumes, we survive. lol.

We reached Aran's room, got buffed up and started positioning ourselves in front of the door, somebody walked too far ahead of the tank and pre-maturely starts the fight. Our hunter got stuck on the other side of the door but his pet was able to get in. A couple of rezzes later and Aran was dead. This fight is added to one of our best recoveries on Aran :) I think we killed him with 5 people left before.

On the next pull, Brigin thought it was a good idea to back up onto a decorative railing and fell to his death.

We tried to kill Prince but each time we got unlucky with the infernal drops, and on our last wipe, the rogue vanished which caused Prince to bug out. We have a video of us walking along around him. We sent a ticket so hopefully tonight we can re-try Prince again.

We went down and did Nightbane, I can't believe how easy this fight was, we had Brigin bring his pally instead so we could have 3 healers. Our mage was still very squishie & died a lot of times but we had enough dps to kill add the adds before Nightbane could land again. We killed him on our second try, first try we had so many people dying and we used up a lot of mana on rez.

It was still early so we decided to kill the Animal Boss, after clearing all the rooms guess what? NO Animal Boss. We tried to search every inch of the rooms to find a hidden mob or something with no luck.

I hope that Prince will be fixed tonight and T4 would drop for me, but I would probably lose since the other guys have more dkp than me.

Toning Down

My friends have been telling me to stop posting negative comments on my blog, then what would be the point of my title, "The NEGATIVE Druid"? Everyone else is already posting about happy stuff and/or offering technical advice.

Anyway, I have agreed to this so the previous post would be the last time I would be complaining about damage meters and pointing people out.

I would probably need new ideas on what to post now. XD