Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bad Week In Karazhan

We had high hopes. After last week's performance of Group 1 almost killing Prince & Group 2 killing Nightbane, we went into this week hoping to match or exceed our previous attempt. Group 2 did an awesome job and downed Nightbane for a second time. Group 1 however, suffered a setback, not only did we not get to fight Prince, we failed to kill Aran as well.

Now, what went wrong here? We have almost the same group except for 2 dps and 1 healer. I actually liked the balance we have on dps, 4 guys at around 15% unlike last time which was topped by 2 guys and everyone else trying to catch up. I think our healers were trying their best to keep everyone up even as our mage dropped dead within the first minute every time.

Aran's arcane missles hurt the most. You can't bandage while he's casting because it's channeled, so you just pray that he doesn't hit you twice with it. As a caster you have a hard decision, drink a health pot that might save your life now but have no mana for the fight later, or stand there and hope that you get healed in time.

For our last try, I put on my healing gear and tried to see if it would make a difference. The mage still died early on the fight but everyone was at 100% before the mass polymorph, but with all bad luck the elementals also spawned and started popping people out of sheep and Aran happily one-shotted people with his pyroblast.

Hopefully this week, with a little bit of shuffling, Group 1 can kill Nightbane too.