Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some people have no social skills

I should start acting like an asshole to people who don't know how to ask for favors. This guy has done it to me twice, once last night while I was on my way to Kara, he ran after me shouting for me to stop, and even though he was rude, I made him his arcanite bar and just let it go.
And tonight, as soon as I log in, this is the whisper that I got from him.
First of all, this guy is NOT in my guild, I have no clue how he found out I was an alchemist since I've never made anything for people outside my guild. Second, I don't charge on stuff that I make, but at least make a general courtesy of offering to tip, he's using my cooldown and doesn't even bother tipping.
He even mentions that he's in a hurry. Who does he think he is? Do you think I just logged on so that I could make you your stupid bar? The next time you try ordering me around and shove your mats at me, I'm going to keep them, better yet I'm putting you on /ignore right now.