Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Updating My Blog

It's been more than a month now since I changed from my pew pew chicken to my leafy tree form. It's been a very good month, we've downed Gruul twice and our 2 groups are consistently farming kara every week now with the occasional setbacks on Prince.

We've also started an alt run last week, I brought my rogue to that one and we were able to do Attumen - Curator before we called it, which is pretty good for our very first try on our alts.

Now... on to my rant.

Every guild has their own way of raid loot distribution which Fio explains in his blog. Now, our system isn't perfect as it can be exploited. But when is it time to set more rules? We had an off-spec bidding against a primary spec just because he had the points to spend, twice. If that's the case, I should've bid on every dps caster drop too just because I can.

And last night, our MAIN tank blew all his points on T4 leggings which he really needed since he was still wearing blue pants only to be outbid by a dps who had more points than him. I was pissed as it just didn't seem right.

I then remembered this one time where I was "asked" to pass on something if it drops because I had more points than the other person, I was offended because first, even without someone telling me, I would've given it to the other person for minimum bid, second, it was like saying the other person was better than me and deserves it more. We were playing the same role and were equally geared.