Thursday, August 30, 2007

Karazhan... Renoobifying

I wasn't even supposed to be part of the Kara group last night, but I begged the GM to let me go to just Attumen to get my leather drop. The mage that I replaced didn't show up so I happily went with the group from Attumen onwards.

Now, how do I describe the entire run? The raid leader/MT, as composed and calm as he is, was probably cursing & shouting with mic turned off everytime he died on a trash pull.

I've grouped with the two healers we have on separate heroic runs and they're actually good. But the coordination they have healing 10-man was sub-par. So many times that the MT's health went down below 10% and I had to throw a heal to get him back to 35%, I know the GM would say that's part of a moonkin's job to offheal, but when you're also the top dpser and have to heal at the same time that makes things a little more complicated. One heal takes up a big chunk of my mana (850), and most times I had to cancel my starfire cast to de-curse, de-poison or heal.

On Moroes, I dunno if the healers found it funny to let me die. I was the last to get garroted before Moroes died, so I had a full 5 min. of it on me so I asked the healers to heal me thru it but not a single heal came. The pally's bubble was on cooldown, but that doesn't mean his heals are too. At this point my mana was low and I had to heal myself everytime I go below 30%, after about a minute of healing myself I finally got a bubble.

After our first wipe on Maiden, we gathered around the entrance and was buffing up, then the hunter "accidentally" shot Maiden which caused an unnecessary wipe.

On Opera we got R&J, we almost got them down the first time but Julienne was able to heal herself twice and we couldn't recover.

It was a bad night for casters as only plate & leather healing gear dropped.

This normal run of 4 bosses usually take 2 hours, but last night took us 3.5 hours to complete. I would like to recommend a gear check for everyone that wants to go to Kara, getting a key doesn't mean they're ready for it, people can easily run you thru to get keys. Now people might say the reason we go to Kara is to get gear, you can go to my armory and see for yourself that I only have 2 pcs of gear that are from Kara, my gloves, which I got just last week, and a ring.

I was second in dps last night behind Jerkhead, and I understand why our feral druid is 3rd because he was offtanking on some fights. But where are the other 3 dps classes? The feral druid was 220,000 damage below me, and the 4th person was 4% damage less than the 3rd, you do the math.

To my rantings, I would like to remind you of egotistical priest's blog, which most of you have already read.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heroic SL Raped

Our group Brigin, Doom, Snow, and BRK tried heroic SL for the first time last night. I think this instance was not on our to do list because we got intimidated with the fact that there will be two 6 mob pulls in this instance.

In Hellmaw's room, Brig only marked 3 because we didn't know that there are 4 mobs now, we quickly adjusted and took them out. Our first wipe came on the 5 mob pull in Blackheart's room, it was just purely bad luck. On pull, an assassin decided to ambush me so Brig had to leave the 3 guys he was tanking to grab the assassin off me, then the sapped mob decided to break and kill BRK, it went crazy from there.

Now the 6 mob pull was done in a precise and well-coordinated manner. 1 sap, BRK's unparalleled chain-trapping skills, BRK & Hobbes taking down the pet, Doom blinding 1 & stunlocking the main target while I take it down, Brig tanking 1 & Snow's uber heals to keep all of us alive.

Our second wipe came on Vorpil as we didn't know he had a new trick up his sleeve, he now does banish. On first try Brig got banished, aggro'd on to me, lots of running around & we wiped. On the next try, he only had time to cast 1 rain of fire and down he went.

Murmur now does an aoe that hits everybody hard, I decided to offheal so Snow could concentrate on healing Brig. First try and we kicked his ass, BRK got phat lewt. This instance is stupid, I'm not sure if this is the only HEROIC instance that drops lvl 68 items on the first 3 bosses.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Defeated and Infuriated

I'm going stop using images for my blog entries as it takes up too much time to look for one.

Last night was our second attempt on Prince in Karazhan for this week. Last night was a lot better than the previous night wherein the most we got him down to was Stage 2.

With all those bad infernal placements and ugly wipes. We had 3 chances of actually killing him, getting him down to 2% on two tries and the most annoying time that I still can't get out of my head is staring at his 7,000 hp left when an infernal decided to land right beside the dps while we were hugging the wall, which forced us the move near the boss, wherein Prince happily threw a shadow nova that knocked us back right into the infernal.

I ended up first in damage meters and I understand why the rogue was lower in dps since he had to run back & forth between enfeebles. But I can't help but think, if only we had more dps, we could all be enjoying phat lewt and dancing over Prince's body. I was 200,000 damage above #2. I forgot to screencap so I can't prove it. I miss having BRK and Doom as my dps buddies. The BM hunter we had in group would make BRK cry, he was #5 and down by about 10%.

I complained in raid that I ran out of mana even after using innervate on all tries, to which the grumpy pally later said that people need to get better gear to not run out of mana. FYI, the first time we killed Prince with a different group, I had no problems with mana and my innervate was used on healers.