Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What goes thru someone's head when they try looking for people to fill a group? I'm currently leveling a prot pally and have to re-experience horrible PUGs. I still try to keep the group organized even if it's a pug, I mark the kill order & cc. But time and time again, you encounter people who just won't listen and act like they're soloing the instance. I've even had people argue over the greed/need/pass rules.

Some of my recent experiences:
I was in a group that picked up 2 healers and they were blaming everyone for the bad dps or lack of (didn't go too well, group broke up before the first boss). Also, I asked the other pally to put Salv on everyone while I did Might/Wisdom to which he replied "why should I put salv on everyone, I'm healing". I didn't even bother responding.

Just recently, I was doing my quests when this 62 priest whispered me to tank for UB. I accepted, then afterwards he decided to invite his epic'd out 70 hunter and 70 rogue friends from his guild. At this point I was only lvl 66. Basically, all the pulls went like, hunter pulling & misdirecting on his pet while I just stood there watching & trying to get some kind of threat. Even the bosses were done the same way. At one point we got 5 mobs, the healer decided to heal the hunter's pet & keep it alive instead of me. What's the point of inviting a tank when you're not even going to use the tank?

Warlock update:
Last Friday, 2 Groups went to Kara, both groups had the Curator Staff drop. Guess what, I was on my other toon, so our GM took it for his hunter =)
I went with my usual Saturday group and as expected, it didn't drop because no one else needed it except me.