Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maulgar Down

Our guild was very excited and eager to try our very first 25-man raid. Officers were busy discussing strategies, people running around buying food buffs and whatnot. Everyone was optimistic but at the same time wondering whether the raid is still going to happen since it's nearing our raid time and we still didn't have enough people on. We finally got 25 people some time after our scheduled run, which was completely fine since organizing 25 people is much more difficult than organizing 10.

I re-specced to resto last night to fill up the last healing spot. I was excited to try a new role and at the same time worried because I have never healed a group bigger than 10.

/begin rant
I installed some healing mods like grid and smart debuff but these seriously messed up my game, I kept getting kicked out and my screen was freezing. I didn't have enough time to play around with them so I ended up with just ctraid assist on.
/end rant

I was assigned to heal the person tanking Kiggler, I was either lucky or somebody else was throwing heals on my tank that I didn't know about. My tank's health never went below 80%. My tank's target was also the last to die so I didn't get to see much of the fight :(

I never got to try the 3 tanks lifebloom that I was imagining would happen. lol. I need to practice more on refreshing lifeblooms, I lose track of it everytime I scroll thru the list of 25 names that might need healing. After the 4 adds of Maulgar was dead, I was frantically running around the room trying to get to people that needed healing, that for me was the hardest part of healing, trying to get to people who are out of range, and you have no clue where they are in the room. It also didn't help that my run speed is 20% slower in tree form.

I never doubted that we could beat Maulgar, I was more concerned about having enough people that will be on for one night. I'm very proud of our guild, we have accomplished a lot in the past few months. We have just cleared Karazhan and on our first try at Maulgar we got him down, and we got Gruul down to 45% on second try, if not for the fact that it was late and people were starting to leave, I'm sure we could've taken Gruul down too if we tried. I'm just hoping that the next Gruul attempt won't be that far away.