Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What goes thru someone's head when they try looking for people to fill a group? I'm currently leveling a prot pally and have to re-experience horrible PUGs. I still try to keep the group organized even if it's a pug, I mark the kill order & cc. But time and time again, you encounter people who just won't listen and act like they're soloing the instance. I've even had people argue over the greed/need/pass rules.

Some of my recent experiences:
I was in a group that picked up 2 healers and they were blaming everyone for the bad dps or lack of (didn't go too well, group broke up before the first boss). Also, I asked the other pally to put Salv on everyone while I did Might/Wisdom to which he replied "why should I put salv on everyone, I'm healing". I didn't even bother responding.

Just recently, I was doing my quests when this 62 priest whispered me to tank for UB. I accepted, then afterwards he decided to invite his epic'd out 70 hunter and 70 rogue friends from his guild. At this point I was only lvl 66. Basically, all the pulls went like, hunter pulling & misdirecting on his pet while I just stood there watching & trying to get some kind of threat. Even the bosses were done the same way. At one point we got 5 mobs, the healer decided to heal the hunter's pet & keep it alive instead of me. What's the point of inviting a tank when you're not even going to use the tank?

Warlock update:
Last Friday, 2 Groups went to Kara, both groups had the Curator Staff drop. Guess what, I was on my other toon, so our GM took it for his hunter =)
I went with my usual Saturday group and as expected, it didn't drop because no one else needed it except me.


Bell said...

Oh man, that's...bad. PUGs can suck royally or be pleasantly surprising, but unfortunately it's more of the former than the latter.

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Anonymous said...

i just levelled a feral spec druid alt to 70 and have been doing some pugs to try and gear up for Kara. Did slabs the other day and i was marking and tanking, had a mage and 2 huntards. Each pull would go like this... cc, dps skull then the cc would break ant the 2 huntards would solo there cc mobs instead of re-trapping... needless to say 1 or both kept dieing on each 4/5 pull for the whole run.

Crucifer said...

I have had exactly the same issues with levelling my prot pally as you have had.

The reactions to my tanking have come in two ways:

1) We don't need the tank to tank. We can kill faster and don't need to worry about a tank on trash mobs.

It's fair enough. If the group can wipe out 5 mobs faster just nuking them than if I was taking aggro, why should I take aggro; as long as everyone understands its not the tanks fault if we wipe.

2) You're crap as a tank because I can cause more aggro than you by healing/attacking etc.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Go get a threat meter. Or a better tank. Or just stop over-aggroing.

Its essentially a flawed game design that de-emphasizes tanks and healers until you're in an instance, at which point everyone knows they need them but have no idea how they fill their role.

p.s. found your blog through relmstein.

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