Monday, February 18, 2008

How Unlucky Can You Be?

I've been playing my warlock a lot recently and running Karazhan week after week trying to gear up my toon. I have a regular Saturday group that does full clear of Kara, and after more than 2 months, the Staff of Infinite Mysteries dropped a total of 5 times, and all 5 times I lost the roll to 3 mages, spriest, and warlock, the most recent lost was just last Saturday. The Nathrezim Mindblade dropped only once and I lost that one too. And there was also one time that I went with a weekday group instead, and guess what, it dropped again for the Saturday group and nobody wanted it and got sharded.

Now you'd think that after running it so many times and with so many others winning it before me, that there will be a week where I will eventually get it without anybody trying to roll against me, but the problem is everytime somebody wins it, they just disappear and another alt steps in and now I have to roll against the new alt.

I'm just tired of going in week after week providing one of the highest dps, while some alts just shows up to get a free ride & win the loot off people that actually do the work. I understand that they are alts, and I myself don't have any enchants on blues, but if they don't even bother to put 2g gems to socket their gear, they shouldn't even be invited to the group. If you're doing only 50-60% of the #4 in dps, I think it's obvious that you're not geared enough and you should do pvp or heroics first.

I have to stress out that the people that I've been grouping with are ALTS, they've been there, done that and I expect more from them. I don't have anything against undergeared MAINS, and would gladly pass up loot for them.

After more than 2 months, I've won only 4 pieces of gear from Kara, everything else is from doing pvp or heroics.


Ashuna said...

Isn't the lock your ALT? So doesn't that put you in the same boat as those that have rolled against you?

It stinks that it hasn't turned out. Perhaps suggesting some kind of loot system is the way to go. Although that can lead to chaos as well.

Stupid Mage said...

Go Arena or BG.

S2 Caster Dagger has 225 spellpower =)

Elysiane said...

I agree so much.

Putting effort into a run for weeks and weeks ans weeks and weeks, contributing in a meaningful and significant way... then see third or fourth string alts roll in and win everything you want in one run.

When this happens in our runs, someone other than the person who wanted the loot explains the situation to the winner and asks if he could consider passing (adding that they are under no obligation to do so). Most of the time, people have no idea that someone else wants it that badly, and pass out of their own volition.

Orshade said...

The downfalls of using rolling instead of dkp or loot council, good luck next week!

Chromaoran said...
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